Simon Carr Operations Director Promise Solutions

“Kevin has been my personnel business coach for approximately 3 months and during this time he has quickly understood the best approach to take to maximise my learning. I have found his style both refreshing and very tailored to my business and my individual requirements. We have all attended courses and studied, however, having a coach to improve your technique and understanding of your own game is a very valuable – after all the most successful sports people have a coach! I believe businesses and their TEAMS should also benefit from what Kevin is able to teach. Imformative, knowledgeable, allows you time to reflect and then take action. Thanks Kevin” March  2011

James Cash owner of James Cash.co.uk

“Throughout the past six months working with Kevin, he has helped me develop my business and, more importantly, grow as an individual. Perhaps Kevin’s greatest strength is his knowledge of people which, in my opinion, is second to none. I can wholeheartedly recommend Kevin to any business owner who is looking to grow his/her business.” March 2011

David Lester

“It was clear from the off that Kevin’s strength is in his knowledge and experience of business and people. Kevin encourages growth of individuals to achieve company goals and his overall awareness of business performance and change management is second to none. I would highly recommend Kevin to any business.” March 2011

Earl Ricketts Business Development Executive, JamesCash.co.uk

“I’ve been working with Kevin for the last 6 months but more so in the last 2 weeks & I must say the results have been amazing. Every business would benefit from meeting with Kevin as he takes the time to understand you, what you want & how to achieve it with great results. A big thankyou going out to you Kevin & I look forward to the creative implementation that you’ll be bringing to the business.” March 2011

Gregg Davies owner of IMA Mortgages

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin twice. I found his knowledge and insight to be a breath of fresh air, and the principles he helped instill in the business have really shown results. Highly recommended!” March  2011

Rick Grain owner of Effigy Blinds

“What makes Kevin different from other business coaches is that it is pleasant and fun to be in his company. Although sessions can be extremely intense while they are continuing there is no sense of strain or effort to learn and take on board everything Kevin tells you. It’s only afterward that it hits you how much work you have been able to achieve in a short space of time. I would recommend anyone to ask Kevin if he can help them to make their business better because I am certain of the benefits.” March  2011

Lisa Fullbrook Business Development Manager, ActionCOACH

“Kevin is a knowledgeable, inspirational leader who deals with situations professionally but also sensitively when required. He understands people as well as all aspects of business and has a real passion and drive to ensure others succeed.” March  2011

Richard Tubb

“As a management team, we have been privileged to work with Kevin throughout the past year. In my time as a business owner I’ve worked with a number of business mentors, and I’d rank Kevin amongst the best of them. Patient, with a great understanding of what it takes to work with a variety of personalities to get the best from them, and with an ability to plot a course of action that will realise real change within business – Kevin has proved a great asset to me as an individual business owner, and to the business management team as a whole. I’ve no hesitation in recommending Kevin and his work to others.” March 2011

Harj Bains owner of Harvey Baines Lettings Agency

“Where is a consultant when you most need one! Now we’ve got Kevin I would’nt let him go. Everyone needs a reality check and Kevin gives it in a positive way, we’ve certainly benefitted from his words and changed many business practices on his sound advice. Is he worth it, Yes but let’s not tell him that sshhh!” November 2010

Adam Brooks Business Development Manager ActionCOACH

“Kevin is a rare breed, someone with the ability to think big and quickly identify the challenges ahead of you and help you realise and learn the skills you require to adapt and overcome. He thinks big, yet he keeps an eye on the step ahead. A genuine businessman who knows what it means to get your business and you performing. Call him…today!” November  2009

Leon Streete owner of LAS Design

“I have worked with Kevin for over a year now and i would highly recommend Kevin’s business coaching services without hesitation. Kevin was able to work with me to take me & my business towards my vision. Clearly defining a strategy to execute enabled me to keep on track and to focus on where we’re headed. More than just strategy, together I have been able to let go of limiting beliefs and push through the pain barriers that you face as a business owner, we are embarking on our second year together and the future is looking great. Thank you for helping me to stay above the line! Kevin.” October  2009

Liz Cusack Regional Manager at Right4Staff

“Kevin and I worked together for many months on the implementation and transition of a large site managed service operation.He brought a wealth of experience which ultimately resulted in delivering first class customer service to a high volume, challenging operation. Additionally he is always approachable and remains calm in a crisis! I am more than happy to recommend his work.” October  2009

Julie Owen owner at Jigsaw Business Services

“I have been using Kevin’s services now for about 6 weeks and in that short time we have achieved so much. We have implemented some changes and almost doubled our monthly turnover. I have gained in confidence, although still further work to be done. I now think every business owner should have a business coach, somebody to be accountable too and also to challenge you on certain areas of your business. I would recommend Kevin to all business owners.” October 2009

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