Sales and Marketing

Selling and marketing are not one and the same. In fact, marketing and sales are two completely different activities. Marketing encompasses a broad spectrum of activities. These are, primarily: promtion, distribution, pricing, and advertising.

Selling is the process by which I professionally help people to buy my products or services.

When you are one on one with a prospect, sales is the techniques you use to get someone to sign a contract or make a purchase. Marketing activities support sales efforts. They are what you do to attract potential customers before a sale is ever made.

For example, say you create a new kind of biscuit. There are very few people that would buy it without some kind of packaging and labelling. This is an act of marketing. Marketing is the set of processes that include, determining channels of distribution, pricing, and developing the “brand“.

So, Sales and Marketing are linked because the one needs the other – without marketing, it is harder to sell, without sales, there is no way of selling.

HIT Strategy  works with companies that are looking to develop their sales and marketing strategies. This is one area, where sometimes the business owner is not strong enough. For a business to grow, pressure is needed. A strong sales and marketing strategy creates the pressure.

In todays fast moving market place, social media marketing has had an incredible impact. To generate 20 leads used to take 6 weeks in a marketing cycle, in todays world, it takes 60 minutes. Having a sales and marketing strategy that combines total social media is critically important to maintain any leading sales edge.

So what can you expect in a strong sales and marketing strategy?:

  1. Clear sense of direction – knowing exactly what the outcomes and direction that the business is heading

  2. Clear return on investment – understanding exactly what it is you can expect to receive from the investment

  3. Balanced Campaigns – utilising all strands of communication in the various marketing strategies to their maximum potential

  4. Well defined process – using a well known sales & marketing process by which a business decides what it will sell, to whom, when and how, and then does it

  5. Benefits – really understanding the values and incentives that the clients require

  6. Focused – a well thought out strategy that reflects the philosophy, culture, mission and vision of the business.