Making Sales Simple

Probably, the greatest skill set in a business sense is the ability to close a deal. The plethora of books and audio books and DVD’s out in the marketplace add evidence to this stattement. In fact, outside of mindset seminars, the highest number of advertised seminars is Sales Training. So why are there so many training courses and books out there, with so many giving conflicting advice? In my opinion, this is because each person who has written the book, me included, has found their own individual way of making sales simple. Whilst a sales process is critical to success, it is the execution of the sales process where things can go wrong or where you can create wealth.

Having a person centered sales process is the key to success. Over the last 20 years, I have taught new sales executives and experienced sales executives how to turn the product based sales process into a person based sales process. Everyone knows that there is a need to identify what is underpinning the process, for instance – knowing the number of steps in a sales process and the number of “sales touches” to complete the deal is important. Knowing what your own personal brilliance in the communication is absolutely key. Following a script is one of the best ways to start learning to sell – however, as babies, we moved from being fed milk to eating solid food. Selling is no different!  Wherever you can, go along with an experienced sales executive and observe HOW they communicate with the prospect. Make some notes on what was said and observe how the prospect reacted to those statements – compare it to the sales scripts that you might have been given. Check out your own beliefs you may have about customers – do you believe that they want something for nothing? Do you believe that they are very demanding and always looking to catch you out? Check out your own beliefs you have about sales people – are they always chasing money? Are they dishonest? Check out your own beliefs about money – do you believe that it grows on trees? Do you believe that there isn’t enough of it to go around? All of these beliefs shape how we feel and act in the sales contacts that we make. If we believe that all salespeople are chasing money, we are less likely to ask for the sale – how helpful is that? If we beleive custonmers are demanding, are we likely to tell them the total deal that we can put together for them? Easy to see that despite a world class sales process, if the sales person is not world class in thier beliefs and attitide, how the deal can be lost. So my top tips are:

1. Define your core sales process and document it

2. Go on a sales meeting with another person with you as the observer

3. Check your own personal beliefs on money, customers, sales people and your products and then ask yourself how that impacts on your sales style

4. Help the other person get what they want and you will get what you want

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