Probably one of the hardest things we do in our life sometimes….. just saying thank you. In a society that moves at 100 mph, sometimes, this small phrase is completely forgotten. It carries with it so much power, we ignore it to our peril!!! Sit down with a blank piece of paper and a pen and write out a list of 100 things that you already have and are grateful for. If you are struggling with coming up with a 100 things, then this exercise is even more necessary.

Lets keep things simple – if you are struggling to find things to be grateful for, try this list instead:

  • 10 things you enjoy looking at
  • 10 things you enjoy listening to
  • 10 things you enjoy touching or feeling
  • 10 things you like to eat
  • 10 smells you like

So if this helps makes things better at home, how could we make our work a better place? Just smiling at people is enough sometimes. At the Belfrey Hotel the other day, every member of the hotel team smiled as I met them around the hotel. What a great place to work was my thought, what a great attitude the management has – I really wanted to stay there for as long as I could. So avoid bitching about work; resist the temptation to spread gossip of any sort. Always remember, whatever you put out, you get back. If there is genuinely something not right, do something about it. Avoid sitting around and moaning and groaning about it. Take responsibility for your happiness in your own job. Be strong and sure about your own convictions – assertive rather than aggressive in putting forward your ideas.

No matter how hard we resist the idea, even hard relationships teach us great lessons. We are given a great opportunity to learn even more about ourselves. Even when the lesson is about not putting up with so much rubbish! So, if someone is mistreating you, then ask yourself this question – When did you allow this person into your life? When did you stop taking care of yourself? When did you start accepting second best?

At worst, this person will teach you that you deserve better in a relationship!!! What a great opportunity that presents for us! Eventually, we meet the best person for us on this planet. Without that experience in a negative relationship, we would never have moved on to this great relationship – so being grateful for obnoxious and unfair partners is a good place to get ourselves into.

Not every “Thank you” needs to be verbal. Some could be mental. If you are losing count each day, then Great!!! At this stage we truly realise that we live in an amazing world. We live in an age of resentment – resentment for paying for services and goods that we have already used!! Utilities is a classic point. Without these, think of all the things we couldn’t do – read this white paper for a start – we have a lot to be grateful for – we need to keep on recognising what we have been given.

Last task is to find something that you think is beautiful and contemplate it for 5 minutes, appreciating it in depth. If you give it your full concentration, you will feel a shift inside of you and experience genuine love for the item. Feel that power and energy flowing through you at the moment – imagine that energy sourse every minute of the day inside of you and the things that you could accomplish with the untapped reservoir of energy – all through showing gratitude!!!

Kevin Maddox is a Business Coach who is committed to helping people find the true meaning of life and getting them to realize their maximum potential

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