Finding the Energy for Change

To find the energy to change we need to understand the formula and then look at influencing the variables – so first the formula

(D xV) +Fs > R where:

D = Dissatisfaction with the current situation and no longer accepting that situation,

V = the Vision of something better or different,

Fs = First actions we can take with our current knowledge

R = Resistance to change which is Fear in some form

Apart from Fs which are based on Logic this equation describes the Emotions at work in change… and because Emotion is “Energy in Motion” we have an equation describing the interplay of Energy.

So if there is insufficient emotional charge of either Dissatisfaction or Vision we do not have the energy to overcome Resistance/Fear.

Dissatisfaction = Different from Fear in that it is when we reach the point of saying “This is just not right… this is is not truly the person I am… or this is not how my life is going to be AND I am ready to do something about it”.

Fear =  Imagined mental or physical pain. Fear does not provide energy for change as it is generally focussed on powerlessness.

This explains why some people fear having no money but take no action because at some level they will not accept that they can have the power to alter the result.

= For most people vision is imagining the “problem” causing dissatisfaction removed and/or imagining something better put into place

So lets put in numbers

Eg: (D=1 x V=1) + (FS=1) < (R=10) no possibility of change

A major 500% increase in the area of Logic/First Step gives a slight increase toward change but not enough (D=1 x V =1) + (Fs =6) < R=10

However a 300% increase in the Emotional areas really switches the balance
{(D=4 x V=4) + FS=1} = 17 which is much greater than R=10

So how do we increase the emotional charge of D and V?

Dissatisfaction is increased when:

We compare what we have with what others have that seems better

We allow ourselves to think of how others are affected by our succumbing to fear

When we project the current unhappy situation as continuing into the future at the cost of our goals/lifestyle/family

Vision is increased when:

We experience a new thing or situation and we feel happy, excited and fulfilled by that

We see a pathway to something we have always dreamed about

Someone we trust describes what they can see us having or doing

First Steps are increased when:

We have clarity on exactly what we seek

We can take action on a part of the vision now

We have a path which means we can see the progression to attain what we want

Resistance is reduced when:

We believe we are equipped to deal with the situation

We realise we base our fear on imagined pain and replace that with imagined success and fulfillment

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