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14 July


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[SlideDeck id=’75’ width=’100′ height=’300px’] Persistence is an essential factor in being successful. Combine this with will-power and desire and when properly combined make an irresistible pair. Some people mis-read this combination as cold-blooded and ruthless in those who are successful – in fact, it is their sheer determination to achieve their desires. Most people will […]

11 July

Change – easy when you know how!

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One of the books I’ve ben reading recently is a book entitled Switch – How to change things when change is hard by Chip and Dan Heath. In this book, the writers show that there are 2 main reasons for individuals being resistant to change: What looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity […]

25 January

Understanding True Needs of Clients

Quite simply, putting your clients needs first is the only way to grow your business. Anyone can make a one time sale. It is also the most expensive way to grow your business. Draining all the profits that you gained from the previous sale to make the next one. It is always amazing to see […]

24 January

Is Branding a myth for SME’s??

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There have been many articles written about branding and most Business Owners, regardless of size of business, believe that branding is the key!! In Integrated Marketing Communication by Pickton and Broderick they define branding as: “the values generated in the minds of people as a consequence of the sum total of marketing communications effort”; “Brand […]

8 November

The Entrepreneur Ladder

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There are so many different ways to make it in business – so many different ways through which you can reap the rewards of entrepreneurial success. Yet very few people learn what it takes, and for some strange reason, fewer still will ever use what they’ve learned. I have a 3 step philosophy: 1. Invest […]

4 May

SalesRICH – Birmingham 2010

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  Quote The 1 day programme that Business Owners are talking about……. one day with ActionCOACH on a sales programme, and you too can find new ways to get customers buying from you, existing customers staying loyal to you and buying more of your produce. Interested in finding out more, click on the link…