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2 January

Some new material for you to listen to and watch

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Happy New Year – 2012 has started and what a year is in prospect. Listed below are some links to 5 minute videos that you might find of use – please feel free to share them with anyone who you think may benefit from them. Also, please come back to this page, because over the […]

6 December

A Short Introduction to the DiSC Model of Behaviour

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Throughout history people have attempted to explain the differences among people. The earliest recorded efforts were rather crude. With more recent advances in research and our expanded knowledge of psychology, a number of more sophisticated models of human behaviour have evolved. Interestingly enough, many of these models have one characteristic in common: the grouping of […]

2 December

Top 7 Tips for Public Speaking

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Public Speaking is one of the things in life that most of us dread! That feeling of panic inside, the sweaty palms, the voice that magically goes up an octave and the mind that will go blank when we are delivering our speech. Sounds familiar?? All of the feelings listed and a whole lot more, […]

30 November

Making Sales Simple

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Probably, the greatest skill set in a business sense is the ability to close a deal. The plethora of books and audio books and DVD’s out in the marketplace add evidence to this stattement. In fact, outside of mindset seminars, the highest number of advertised seminars is Sales Training. So why are there so many […]

14 July


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[SlideDeck id=’75’ width=’100′ height=’300px’] Persistence is an essential factor in being successful. Combine this with will-power and desire and when properly combined make an irresistible pair. Some people mis-read this combination as cold-blooded and ruthless in those who are successful – in fact, it is their sheer determination to achieve their desires. Most people will […]

11 July

Unlocking Your Future – 8th August 2011, 0900-1200, Stourbridge

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Thank you for clicking on the link!! Over time, you and I both know that we have adopted from all our experiences, a view that can either be helpful or unhelpful. Understanding that we are born with only 2 fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises, means that every other fear […]

11 July

Change – easy when you know how!

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One of the books I’ve ben reading recently is a book entitled Switch – How to change things when change is hard by Chip and Dan Heath. In this book, the writers show that there are 2 main reasons for individuals being resistant to change: What looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity […]

7 March

What do I do to improve advertising?

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The answer to that question is to apply smart advertising techniques and then test and measure on a small scale before rolling out a large ad campaign. Stop wasting your advertising pound by treating them like you’re playing a roulette wheel or throwing mud against the wall, hoping that some of it sticks! Businesses waste […]

28 February

Most people want to get a better return out of advertising!!

How Much Should I Spend on Advertising? Ideally, the answer is zero! You should invest, not spend money on advertising. Every pound invested into advertising should return multiples to your bottom line. More times than not; when I ask a business owner to tell me their advertising return on investment (ROI) they shrug their shoulders […]

21 February

Finding the Energy for Change

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To find the energy to change we need to understand the formula and then look at influencing the variables – so first the formula (D xV) +Fs > R where: D = Dissatisfaction with the current situation and no longer accepting that situation, V = the Vision of something better or different, Fs = First […]